Welcome to, a website that has an aim of "Setting Souls On Fire 🔥 For Christ".

Did you want to know more about us? If Yes!, then chill with a cup of coffee as we explain who we are and what we do 😉.

GSAHULO is the short form for Gabriel Sunday AHULO. 

So we formed the name by picking - > 

G from - Gabriel
from - Sunday

Also it is pronounced as 👇 

G - SA - HULO (hmm. Looks and sound smart right? 😉)

There have been so much happening on the internet nowadays E. G  Sexual illicit content Etc. And this is giving us a signal that we are not safe even as adult, youths /teenagers.

So we at took it up as a responsibly to do our part to control such act. And with that in mind, we decided to work with these niche below.

* News
* G-Music
* Health 
* School - Gist

NEWS:  We give our best to get credible and adequate information, so as to keep our users informed on whats happening around the world.

G-MUSIC: Is the short form for Gospel Music. Since we are spiritual people, we listen to spiritual songs that boost and uplifts the spirit.

HEALTH: Yes! We also care about your health. After research and study, we entertain you with healthy articles on fruits, vegetables and healthy living.

BIOGRAPHY: We give biography of gospel minister s,how they started,their sacrifices and all the information you want to know about them.

SCHOOL-GIST: Students visiting has an advantage of getting free gist on what's happening in their schools.

Note: We give school gist on Nigerian Universities for now..

So yes that is who we are and what we are into. If you are inspired by our vision and would want to support us in any form, kindly check the donating page to do so. 

Just incase you have questions to aks, please contact us on 


Thank you for your time, click here to go to the homepage.


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