JusticeForFavor: Four Men gang-raped an 11 year old girl to death in Lagos

A disheartening event occurred today at the Ejigbo Area of Lagos. It was revealed that an 11 year old Junior Secondary School student named FAVOUR OKECHUKWU was gang-raped to death.

Following reports, it was disclosed that the victim was sent on an erand by her mother by 3pm.

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It was explained that Favour who is the victim was stylishly lured into a building where she was raped turn by turn by Four(4) Men at Olanrewaju Street.

Mr Dickson Okechukwu who is the father of the victim, declared her missing after he came back from work without finding his first child in sight, even after he was informed that she was sent on an erand, but she still hasn't came back since then. 

After Two hours of serious searching, Favour's corpse was found in a building at Olanrewaju Street in Lagos, Nigeria. Also, it was disclosed that Favour was found naked, dead and body stained with blood.

According to the Saturday Vanguard interview with Mr Dickson Okechukwu who happens to be the father of the victim, he said these words ;

“I was shocked when my wife said Favour hadn’t returned from where she was to collect a carton of the gala(snack) because it was unusual of her to stay long outside. I went to three of her classmate’s houses to look for her but they all said they didn’t see her. I was walking like a mad man, asking everyone I saw about her whereabout and it was getting dark. ”

“I saw a man who lives on the same street with me and told him I was looking for my daughter. He informed that he had to close early because a little girl was raped to death in a building close to his shop. ”I decided to go and check since I was looking for my daughter and he accompanied me to the building. Behold, when I got there, it was my daughter, Favour! She laid motionless. I shouted, shook her vigorously as I called out her name, begging her to wake up. But she didn’t respond. I was too shocked to believe she was gone just like that. A child I left hale and hearty while leaving the house in the morning, was gone when I returned”, he explained in tears.

 He later appealed to anyone who knows or has any information regarding the incident to please contact the police so she(Favour) can get justice. When lamenting on the event, he said;  Favour was full of life. She was very brilliant. All I want is for the perpetrators of this devilish act to be brought to book”.

The tenants of the structures were at that point said to had fled inspired by a paranoid fear of being captured by the Police. Saturday Vanguard assembled that Policemen from Ejigbo division, driven by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, showed up the scene when information contacted them. It was assembled that the DPO paid for the rescue vehicle that took the body to the morgue.

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A few suspects had just been captured. Be that as it may, they denied the wrongdoing. They have been moved to the State Criminal Examination Division, Yaba, for additional examination. 

As indicated by the representative for the Lagos State Police Order, SP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who affirmed the dismal occurrence, guaranteed that the order would do all inside its span to guarantee that the escaping suspects were captured.

Since then, the hash tag #JusticeForFavour have been trending. 


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