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Are you wondering how to start a business with oil and gas? But don't know from where to start. Don't worry, I'm going to introduce a great program to improve your skills and give you a head start in the oil and gas industry.
First of all,What is Oil and Gas?

Oil and Gas Combination forms petroleum.Petroleum is made naturally from decaying prehistoric plant and and animal remains.Petroleum,which is latin for ROCK OIL is a fossil fuel/

Research makes it known that the oil and gas sector is a global powerhouse using hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year.

Hmmmm,interested already?But how?

OANDO PLC is running an eighteen(18) months development programme in which they gather graduates and teach them all they need to know about the Oil and Gas Industry and also teach how to earn from it.

If you love to be part of it,then keep calm because it is free to register!!
What do i need to join?/Eligibility Criteria
1)Bachelor's or master's degree with minimum of second-class upper division(2.1) in any of the following areas/disciplines:Engineering,Geosciences,Economics,Business administration and other Business related degrees.

2)Not older than 26years by 1st of January 2020.

3)Must have completed the NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS(NYSC)

Whao!How do I apply?
OANDO PLC have made it easier for applicants to apply.All you have to do is:Surf on to their website which is---

When is the deadline for the registration?


Things i need to know before applying

1)You can only apply for one position.NOTE:Multiple applications will end up being disqualified.

2)The Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme will run for 18 months only(1 year and 6 months).

3)Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Don't give up on your dream,you can become the billionaire you have always dream about.
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