Wealthy man is said to steal chickens to fuel his BMW N140 m vehicle

Police in China's Sichuan province picked up a luxury BMW owner and rich farmer for supposedly stealing chickens and ducks from several villages in the county of Linshui, just so he could afford to purchase petrol for his luxury BMW vehicle worth about 140 million. Police in the county had received several reports from villagers about missing domestic animals, according to reports from Oddity Central, but no one had ever imagined that the culprit could be a rich farmer who also occurred to be the owner of a multi-story luxury villa.

However, after running into a economic mess, the wealthy man resorted to petty theft and could no longer afford to purchase petrol for his ' thirsty ' car. This had resulted him to steal and sell the national birds of people so that he could afford gas.
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The study further observed that the several complaints lodged at the police station resulted in an inquiry into the poultry thefts being launched by law officers. Surveillance recordings showed that there was always a return journey to the farmer's house with a bicycle without plates and further scrutiny of his operations revealed that some chicken dealers were often discovered in his residence.

The police officers brought in the luxury vehicle owner for questioning after collecting enough proof. When he was faced, Qiang (Pseudonym) confessed to the thefts and revealed that his high-end vehicle was really thirsty and he resorted to stealing and selling the national birds in others because of his economic position at the moment to subsidize his monthly fuel spending.

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