Man robs 2 banks of N2 m using avocado as a weapon

At Beersheba, the 47-year-old Israeli first staged his laughable heist by offering a note to a cashier riddled with mistakes that demand cash.

According to Times of Israel, when the cashier refused to carry out the cash, the guy unleashed a black avocado that he claimed was a grenade. And he won a whopping N1.5 m in that brief time. Then the robber went away with his murder and hit five days later again. At another bank this time.

An Israeli ' armed ' robber tested the intelligence of his victims by robbing two banks with a black avocado effectively.
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The thug, draped in a black and white hat with a brown coat and black gloves, reached another branch of that bank prepared to shake stuff up. The robber removed N1.1 m using the same method.

Police then tracked down the thief and arrested him, but that wasn't even the cake's icing. Authorities found that his trading instrument was in fact a black avocado painted to look like a grenade. Imagine finding out that you dished out thousands of money just because you were afraid that an avocado would blown up.

After doing something very funny, some armed robbers recently threw off their victims. They pasted a visit notice detailing when these individuals were expected to expect them.

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